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The desire for the spirit of Hot Rods exists- perhaps even more so today than ever before. The popularity of the "rat rod" is testimony that young people covet the freedom of expression and rebellious attitude represented by the hot rod.

But there is a problem- a problem that keeps new enthusiasts from building a rod:

Hot rods are expensive to build and the chances of finding an early original Ford to create them are slim.

A Hot Rod by definition is an open wheeled (or full fendered) modified Ford designed in the 30's and 40's. These Hot Rods are expensive-to build, own and maintain.

Today's hot rodder is typically middle aged or older. Now at a comfortable point in their life they fondly remember the cars of their youth. With the income to pursue their dreams it is not uncommon to spend $100,000 on buying and restoring a Hot Rod. For the vast majority of enthusiasts however, a well built hot rod is beyond the reach of all but the most affluent.

As today's typical hot rodder rods will gradually fade from the automotive scene-gathering dust in museums or in the collections of millionaires.

Demographic trends suggest that there will not be the needed influx of younger enthusiasts who can sustain this great hobby. Without the 18-40 year old buyers of parts and accessories the hot rod market will diminish in size. Some in the industry point to the import trend as the future of rodding- but it has yet to prove it has broad appeal beyond its urban ethnic base.

Perhaps there is a solution!

Early Volkswagen (type 1) cars are plentiful, cheap to buy and inexpensive to maintain. New and remanufactured parts are plentiful and ridiculously cheap.

The Volkswagen Beetle was designed in 1936 and is styled with many of the same shapes, surfaces and details found in cars of the same era.

After the small block Chevrolet there has been no other engine that has been modified as much or more speed parts built for as the air-cooled flat four.

With simple modifications the VW can be made to look like an early style hot rod....but at much less cost.


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